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Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll
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Elvis of course ,singing in the choir @ church and special music for church , hanging w/friends cooking out ,watching football and do it yourself shows oh yeah and singing Elvis music

King Creole , Blue Hawaii Charro , Paradise Ha wain Style , TTWII , Elvis On Tour and so on and so on

How Great Thou Art ,He Touched Me , Promise Land , My Way , Gave Me A Mountain , Suspicious Minds , I like them all

I'm 37 married to a BEAUTIFUL woman w/3 GEORGOUS girls from ages 19/11/ and 6 and one BABY BOY due in NOVEMBER only took 19 years to get my son , I love to cook watch football play with my children and sing specially for my Lord ! I paint for a living have done it now for over 15 years it's a living.

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From: mrsphilly
02/04/2009 09:10:00

you have beautiful wallpaper.    take care.  bonny

From: elvisangel1963
12/13/2008 21:29:29

Chalvis Pictures, Images and Photos

From: elvisangel1963
10/08/2008 08:49:02

From: Judy_Fairytale
09/25/2008 02:23:32

Hi Tony


You have passed your degree from the school of technophobia and now you are computer literate...lol

Any time you want to add or delete music to the player just go to the player on Hypster.com...it will automatically update itself. You wont need to copy and paste it again!!

You can also change your settings so that it plays automatically when you open your page and you can also alter the settings to "shuffle" so it plays a different song every time you open the page. Its up to you how you prefer the player to work.

 Take care

Judy xx


From: Elvisfan92
09/12/2008 16:38:29
Hey Tony Thanks for the friend request take care

From: donald
09/10/2008 16:08:14
hi tony nice to meet you

From: Judy_Fairytale
09/09/2008 12:58:45

I'm glad you like the background Tony, Elvis was soooo gorgeous in the '68 Special.

 Do you need help to remove the blue on your background? If so let me know and I'll talk you through removing it so everyone can see the picture of Elvis behind it.

 Judy x


From: Judy_Fairytale
09/09/2008 12:08:52

The website addresses in the last comment will appear if you put the cursor over them....don't know why they didn't appear properly!!!

Judy x

From: Judy_Fairytale
09/09/2008 12:06:02

Hi Tony


Thanks for the lovely comment on my background...its really funny 'cos I just put a new background on when I saw your message, so I don't know if you meant the old background or the new one....I think I prefer the old one so I'm probably gonna put it back....


Its really easy to put music on...all you do is go to http://www.hypster.com/ or http://www.myplaylist.com/ and follow the instructions to build your playlist, then just copy and paste it into your MEW page...If you have any problems let me know and I'll help you.

Let me know if it was the other background that you preferred.

Judy x

From: Judy_Fairytale
09/09/2008 11:40:12

Hi Tony

Thanks for the friend request..hope your'e having a happy day.Elvis gold stars

I like the background on your page. Have a great time on MEW!!

Judy x

From: silver
09/08/2008 21:35:33

Hello Tony,Thanks for the friends request,wish a

wonderful day .

From: hoosierelvisfan
09/08/2008 08:53:07
Thank you for the invite.  You have some great pix posted on your page!

From: elvislady1984
09/08/2008 06:09:56
Hello Tony. 

From: utmom2008
09/07/2008 12:59:36
Hi Tony!! Thanks for the friends request! I hope you like it here..have a GREAT week!!!!

From: msclawdy
09/06/2008 14:02:28

Hope you have a great weekend Tony....

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