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How many gold and platinum records does Elvis Presley have?

They dont need to be listed, it’d be cool if they were, but I just need how many albums in numbers. thanks (:

    Posted 2 years ago

    89 Total

    Gold 54
    Platinum 27
    Multi-Platinum 8

    2nd Place is Mariah Carey with 35.

    Understand, although he has 89, it’s not a true number. Elvis started his career in 1953, the RIAA didn’t start issuing Gold Records until 1958. Moreover, all of Elvis’ Gold Records are under the old system where you needed to sell at least 1 million records, all of Mariah Carey’s Gold Records are under the new system where you need to sell only 500,000. And the RIAA doesn’t go back in time prior to 1958, nor do they go back in time to give him Gold Records for the songs he sold 500,000 of. If they did, it would be somewhere between 150 and 200 Gold Records, instead of the 89 he has.

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