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What nationality were Elvis Presleys ancestors?

I have been looking at pictures on him on the internet. Although he was born in the US he had black hair, dark skin and full lips. I am just curious. He is still the king and my own children are mixed race.

    Philip H ©
    Posted 2 years ago

    He had some native american ancestors

      Shirley T
      Posted 2 years ago

      Maybe this link will help. It states mostly English and Scottish with some Irish, German and Native American.


        Posted 2 years ago

        i remember reading somewhere [most likely wikipedia] that he was Native American, German and even Jewish o_o.

        To make things simple, he was of mixed ancestry.
        Sorry I couldn’t help much. =[

          Posted 2 years ago

          One half of his family can be traced back to Scotland

            Rose of Cimarron
            Posted 2 years ago

            Elvis was thought to be a Melungeon, an ethnic group in the South that is a mixture of black, white, and Native American(Presley and Elvis are common names among Melungeons). He was also part Irish and part gypsy.

              Posted 2 years ago

              Irish and British.

                wendy c
                Posted 2 years ago

                Some information is here.
                Please pay attention to the phrase that there are varying degrees of accuracy. That translates into people believe certain “facts” that have not been shown to be reliable. Melungeon is a disputed topic.

                  Evelyn S
                  Posted 2 years ago

                  Irrefutably, Elvis Presley’s ancestors, as far as they can be traced, are American–the reason being, genealogists can authenticate the King’s lineage back to the American Civil War. Before about 1850, they are making educated guesses. Wikipedia reports that Elvis was of “mixed” ancestry.

                  One noted genealogist, whose research has been repeatedly reproduced on the Internet, suggests that Elvis is a descendant of Andrew Presley who married Elspeth Leg in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, in 1713. Another researcher, who is a member of the American Society of Genealogists, believes that Elvis is a descendant of Palatine German immigrants, Valentine Preslar and his wife Anna Christina Franse, who immigrated in 1701. Still other researchers, citing surnames common among Melungeons, claim that Elvis had Melungeon ancestry. Elvis, himself, claimed Cherokee ancestry through his mother, Gladys Love Smith. Still others have pointed to Jewish ancestors through Gladys.

                  Part of the problem is that Elvis’ paternal great grandmother, Rosella Presley, never married and never disclosed the name of Elvis’ great grandfather.

                    susan m
                    Posted 2 years ago

                    irish and scots ther is even a town in scotland called presley as for the native american thing he made that up

                      Blazing Pen Avenger.
                      Posted 2 years ago

                      Irish. Of course.

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