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Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll
Elvis has left the building,but the lights are still on....

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ELVIS, Music, Movies, Internet and ELVIS

Besides "TTWII" and "ELVIS ON TOUR"? Change of Habit, Girl Happy, Loving You. Fun in Acapulco is worth the time for the "Bossa Nova Baby" dance!

Anything that is not degrading to his memory

He was sexy and handsome and sweet, with "that little boy smile"...had a voice sent down from heaven!!

Why did you let this happen????? 31 years later and we still miss you and love you...

I am a Texan, married with 2 grown kids. I have loved Elvis my entire life. I was fortunate enough to have seen him 10 times....7 in concert and 3 Summer Festivals in Vegas(71,72 & 73). I was there for opening night, August 6,1973 and got a kiss and a scarf!!!!!!!!
My name? Rosanne

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From: ricobpro
03/03/2011 06:52:03

I miss you Rossane, may you find peace and happiness wherever you are

From: ElvisPresleyILoveYou
01/17/2010 07:13:54


your SO LUCKY!! I want a scarf and a kiss..!!!:D

10 times im so jeoulus, im only 16 so I didn't get to se him!:(:(


love your pictures:D


From: cibetty
07/26/2009 11:36:57

My Dear Friend,

I hope you're on a better place now. It is still so painful and unbelievable... We will miss you and love you!! God bless you wherever you are. I love you very much: Betti XXXXXXXX

From: malc07
07/25/2009 05:22:55

ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS.God Bless you Rosie:


From: 197716Johncarpenter
12/08/2008 19:57:17

Hey Rosanne most of my buddies are on the other site. But your right your my only friend on here. You see have often i log on to My Elvis World! LOL. Take care buddie on talk to you on you know where? T.C.B/

From: elvisangel1963
11/02/2008 23:45:37
Elvis Presley Pictures, Images and Photos

From: whatsgoingon
10/10/2008 14:12:09
Hi,  First of all Im really sorry for not getting back in touch with you...still have a few months I getting used to mew please tell me in great detail if ya would from the first time you saw Elvis through your own eyes please go back to when you first had the concert ticket stub in your hands this will be an amazing experience to share with you I;m sure of that many many many thanks     t.c.b. always - Kev ( Sheffield - england )

From: whatsgoingon
09/29/2008 12:11:22



for the love of God PLEASE reply to me ....ya seen Elvis !!!!......wow......



t.c.b. always    Kev   ( sheffield - England )



From: 197716Johncarpenter
09/18/2008 08:00:19
Hello, RosanneI follow you everywhere huh? You profile page looks cool. I know have to set mine up. take care dearheart!

From: tony1970
09/06/2008 21:47:34
hey how you doing , hop your weekend is going well

From: sweetelvis
07/29/2008 22:06:51
You were so lucky to see him and get a kiss( i only wish) hope yr doing great and have a good week

From: cibetty
07/27/2008 06:30:01

Hey Rosanne,

I haven't been on this site for ages... I've just changed my page here, I put some favourite songs and a new background!! Take a look at it if you'd like to... I hope you have a great weekend my friend. Take care, many hugs from: Betti

From: Maryinthemornin
06/06/2008 17:32:36


Awesome video I hope you watch and enjoy!!! and I hope it works for you. :)

PS... if you can't click on the link copy and paste it in to your browser hit enter and enjoy!!!! then click back to return to your page a video not to be missed. :)

From: tonytrout
02/27/2008 09:29:53

BOO!!  *hee hee*

From: Coco38
02/14/2008 09:55:28
Im glad also that were friends -Keep in  touch hugs Coco

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